Minutes for the Meeting of September 12, 2003


Ellen Banach

Marcela Maeu

Elizabeth Spinney

Joe Borges

Bea Medeiros

Karen Statser

Michael Coughlin

Mark Nussman

Sue Sterrett

Pat Fanning

Marcia Picard

BJ Valente

Joan Gancarski

Paul Quinn

Dr. David Weed

Susan Lown

Gladys Rosofsky

Denise Wright

A meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community was held on Friday, September 12, 2003 at South Coast Hospital. Chairperson Karen Scott Statser called the meeting to order at 8:40 AM.


The minutes of the June 13, 2003 Steering Committee were circulated in advance.

VOTED to approve the Minutes of the June 3, 2003 meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community as circulated.

Financial Report

The Financial report for June/July 2003 was presented. We have changed the format of the Financial Report in response to suggestions from the committee. This format is very flexible and can be changed as necessary. We will also be looking into yearly auditing.

VOTED to approve the Financial Report for June and July as presented.


Access to Health Care

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 16th at HealthFirst at 8:30. We have two new co-chairs from health first, Paula Harrison and Irene Martins. The group will be wrapping up the PCP video and begin distributing throughout the community. The group is looking to increase membership, and possibly do some joint ventures with New Bedford.

Healthy Lifestyles

Lifestyles did not meet for the summer. The group is working with Charlton to do health screenings on 10th graders. As the tobacco program has essentially been devastated, a local group of physicians group will soon be presenting the "Tar Wars" curriculum to local 4th graders. The group is still working on starting a walking program at the middle schools. The group will be meeting in the next week or so.

Healthy Youth

Next meeting is September 24th at 3:30. A mailing will be going out this week to all who work in youth services encouraging their attendance. The group is not sure what upcoming initiatives will be. There will be another Youth Forum planned, possibly in collaboration with New Bedford.

Health City Initiative

Family Day at the Bicentennial celebration was a huge success. About 320 people voted on items that they felt were most important. Twenty-five offered their assistance in the future. The Display looks wonderful, and is now being housed at Government Center. There will be a press release letting people know that they can go there, view the display and vote. The ballot form is on the web page also which can be printed out and mailed in. A ballot in Portuguese and Spanish is also in the works. By the end of September 2003, we will have gathered input from about 500 people. Top votes were #1 Safety; #2 Cleanliness of the city; #3 Education. These results will be presented to the Mayor for his assistance. The next phase will move to coming up with an action plan.

South Coast Community Benefit Funding

We met over the summer with SouthCoast, and it appears that the DON money will total $12,700 per year for the next five years. SouthCoast needs a budget from us as soon as possible to submit to DPH. For at least the first year, we will be on our own, and then possibly collaborating with New Bedford. We need to decide just how this money will be spent. We know that for at least the present time there will be no funding from DPH. The Healthy City Initiative is getting costly, and we would like to support for this very positive venture. We have already approved budgets to each subcommittee of $3,000. It would be sensible to spread this money out among the three workgroups and the Healthy City Initiative as a special project.

Motions to make the Healthy City Initiative a special project, and divide the proposed funds among the three subcommittees and special project with the remainder to be spent on the Legislative Breakfast were approved.

Legislative Breakfast

The Legislative Breakfast is October 31st. The planning committee has been meeting regularly. We have a very good consultant, and things are going smoothly. The nominations are due today. Fall River and New Bedford will once again be swapping nominations to be reviewed. We need a small committee to review nominations. Denise Wright, Gladys Rosofsky and Bea Medeiros volunteered to do this next week. This will give us adequate time to alert recipients so they are able to attend. Steve Collins from the Mass Human Services Coalition will be the guest speaker. We would like to have a summary of how the budget cuts have made a negative impact on the community.

Annual Report

We need to file with the IRS for 501C3 status. This is especially important when obtaining grants. To do this we need a Certificate of good standing from the state of Massachusetts. We have filed all our reports with the state, but cannot proceed until we name a Secretary. This will not be a big commitment. Denise Wright has volunteered to be Secretary. We will soon be electing new officers, and this can be changed if necessary.


Handouts were circulated from the Healthy Start Program regarding changes in their program and the Children’s Medical Security Plan.

We will be electing new officers in December. Dee and BJ will form the nominating committee. Before that, we need to take another look at our bi-laws just to review.

Synergy will be having its annual meeting on November 21st. Location and program are yet to be determined. In the past we, along with New Bedford, have given financial support, so we may be asked to do this again.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m. The next meeting for Partners for a Healthier Community will be held on Friday, October 10, 2003 – Jackson Conference Room – Charlton Memorial Hospital


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