Minutes for the Meeting of June 13, 2003

Present: Joseph Borges, Marcia Picard, Kathleen Schedler-Clark, Gladys Rosofsky, Mike Coughlin, Lynda Sampson, Pat Fanning, Karen Statser, Joan Gancarski, Sue Sterrett, Dr. Stewart Kirkaldy, BJ Valente, Bea Medeiros, Dr. David Weed, and Denise Wright

A meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community was held on Friday, June 13, 2003 at Heritage State Park. Chairperson Karen Scott Statser called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM.


The minutes of the May 9, 2003 Steering Committee were circulated in advance.

VOTED to approve the Minutes of the May 9, 2003 meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community as circulated.

Financial Report

The Financial report for April and May was presented.

VOTED to approve the Financial Report for April and May as presented.

A breakdown of the expenses was given for the last two months. As we are no longer receiving money from DPH, fixed budgets for each work group was discussed. Committee members will be meeting with Charlton Memorial next week to discuss the possibility of MRI funds. It has been suggested that items on the financial report be broken down and itemized by each task force and create a financial management plan. The possibility of using other resources that may be more effective for preparation of the report was suggested. Joe will coordinate a meeting to discuss these issues.


Access to Health Care

The group is interested in picking new co-chairs, but no one wants to make such a commitment right now. Diane will continue as chair until the end of September and the group will revisit this issue. A letter will be going out to solicit more members, as increasing membership is a goal of the group. Pat Fanning will be representing the committee at the Steering Committee meetings, as others are not able to attend.

Healthy Lifestyles

The General Mills grant has been denied, but the Wood grant is still being worked on. Implementing the walking program in the middle schools will be moving ahead. Information has been requested, and a curriculum is being reviewed. Once this model is developed, we may be able to use this in local businesses. Unfortunately, the Tobacco Coalition grant has ended.

Healthy Youth

The Mayors Youth Forum was a great success. A total of 82 youth were present along with Mayor Lambert, the Chief of Police and many others. Several goals were accomplished. It will be important now to make something happen from the conference.

Health City Initiative

The Parent Advisory Committee had a good turnout. They are looking for any to attend with a goal of 1,000 between now and September.

Legislative Breakfast

It is time once again to begin planning the Legislative Breakfast. We will be doing this jointly with New Bedford. We are looking for volunteers to assist with planning. It is imperative that we also start early with the recognition awards. Letters must go out soon. Karen will be contacting Lorraine Rosa for assistance with organization and begin scheduling meetings.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m. for the poster contest awards ceremony. The next meeting for Partners for a Healthier Community will be held on Friday, September 12, 2003 – Jackson Conference Room – Charlton Memorial Hospital

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