Minutes for the Meeting of February 14, 2003


Michael Coughlin, Lynda Sampson, Pat Fanning, Karen Scott Statser, Joan Gancarski,  Sue Sterrett, Bea Medeiros, Jeff Sypek, Marcia Picard and Dr. David Weed

A meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community was held on Friday, February 14, 2003 at South Coast Hospital. Chairperson Karen Scott Statser called the meeting to order at 8:45 AM.


The minutes of the February 14, 2003 Steering Committee were circulated in advance.

VOTED to approve the Minutes of the February 14, 2003 meeting of Partners for a Healthier Community as circulated.

Financial Report

Financial report for February 2003 was circulated.

VOTED to approve the Financial Report for February as presented.



We have received budgets from both Healthy Youth and Healthy Lifestyles. We have not received a budget as of yet from Access to Health Care. It was decided not to postpone budget approval at this time, as the committees would like to begin planning for upcoming events. Motion to accept budgets as proposed by Healthy Youth and Healthy Lifestyles was accepted. Access will submit their budget next meeting for approval.

Access to Health Care

The group has currently broken up into two smaller groups. The first is currently working on the barriers to healthcare survey. This will be translated into other languages, especially targeting the Southeast Asian community. We have heard that St. Anne’s and SSTAR may have applied for grant money to conduct a similar survey. This will be verified and a possible collaboration will be addressed. The second group is working on clean needle exchange and awareness. Committee members have shown a renewed interest in these endeavors and the groups are really coming together.

Healthy Lifestyles

The group is applying for the General Mills Grant with help from the City of Fall River’s grant writer. There is another grant available regarding tobacco use that may be applied for. At the last meeting, there was an empasioned discussion regarding the school lunch menu. This issue has been visited before, but did not go very far. Discussed possible fitness groups at middle schools. The group will be collaborating with Healthy Youth in the areas of nutrition, body image and eating disorders.

Healthy Youth

The Youth Summit is scheduled for May 17th. The group is currently making plans for the poster contest. Future plans include summer activities, youth mapping, and a logo contest for the Youth Summit. If anyone would like further information on the Youth Summit or the logo contest, Christian McClosky, Youth Coordinator should be contacted at Government Center.

Health City Initiative

The visioning session has been planned for February 27th. at the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center on Martin Street. Invitations should be going on ASAP. We are going with White’s for catering at around $7.50 per person. We also need to rent tables and chairs. It is hoped that about 150 people are expected to attend. It would be good to identify those from the community who are not providers to attend (neighborhood groups, environmental groups, etc.). This will be looked at as a kickoff to brainstorm and establish an outline. We are in need of facilitators and/or timekeepers, if anyone is interested in volunteering. It was suggested that we take out a newspaper advertisement to market the event, but this is very costly and may not target those we want to reach. It was proposed that a consultant be hired to make personal phone calls to explain a little about what the goal of the Healthy City Initiative is and to give a personal invitation. We should be able to obtain a list from the Mayor’s Office of those who would be good targets to call. It was proposed that $200.00 be allotted to hire someone to make phone calls, and there is an excellent candidate who will be contacted to see if she is interested in making the calls.

Regional Center for Healthy Communities

The Center has been affected by the recent cuts. Their parent program has experienced 42 lay offs. The library in Brockton is currently closed. The collection has been moved to the D.A’s office in New Bedford. Any borrowed materials can be returned there and items can be borrowed in extreme circumstances. Many other programs have been cut.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am. The next meeting for the Partners for a Healthier Community will be held on Friday, March 14, 2003 at the Charlton site of Southcoast Hospitals Group, in the Jackson Conference Room.


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