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Registration for all 16 weeks is only $5!

What’s the challenge all about?

Community Development Recreation (CD-REC), Diabetes Association, General Fitness, Healthy City Fall River, Partners for a Healthier Community, and the Fall River YMCA have joined together to challenge adults who live, work or attend school in Greater Fall River to get fit, healthy, prevent Type 2 diabetes and pledge to collectively lose more than a ton of weight (2000 lbs)!  

Fitness participants will gain access to programs and fitness centers throughout the city for little or no cost—programs that will help them learn to eat well, lose weight, get fit, prevent diabetes and other diseases and win some great prizes!

Who can participate?

The Fall River Fitness Challenge is open to all adults who live, work or attend school in Fall River, Somerset, Swansea or Westport. Join with a buddy, by yourself or form a team!

How do I sign up? 

Join us at our Challenge kick-off on Saturday January 11, 2014 from 10AM- 1PM at the Kuss Middle School to sign up, weigh in, and learn more about the Challenge! There will also be a Health and Wellness Fair during the sign-up time. You can register for the Challenge for $5 and receive a key tag that will give you discounts at program sites. You may also sign up at Greater Fall River Re-Creation, 72 Bank Street  anytime until January 31st. Some worksites will also be holding team registrations.

How can I win?

Each time you or your team takes advantage of one of the challenge programs, show your fitness challenge wristband to get entrance into the program at a discounted rate! The more times you participate in any of the programs, the better chance you have of winning and staying healthy!

What can I win?


*There will be one participant rewarded for most improved Health Screening as well as best attendance* 

1st place: $500 + Award

2nd place: $250 + Award

3rd place: $100 + Award


1st place: Free Gym Membership + Award

2nd place: Free Gym Membership + Award

3rd place: Free Gym Membership + Award

RAFFLES: There will be a FREE giveaway at every fitness challenge. You are entered into the raffle for attending the challenge. These giveaways include fitness gear, t-shirts, tickets to the Fitness Challenge Finale, water bottles, and more!

Chinese Auction: At every weigh-in participants will receive a raffle ticket which can be saved for a large Chinese auction at the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge Finale. You are not permitted to enter tickets for other people at the finale. Participant must be in attendance to win!

How often do I weigh in?

Weigh in every two weeks at CD-REC or at a designated worksite location throughout the city and record your weight!  Each time you weigh in you will be entered into a raffle to win a prize at the Finale.

How is my weight tracked?

Individuals can set goals and track any of six fitness indicators (Activity, Weight, Smoking, Diet, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose) on the personal Check-In Activity Record sheet that can be downloaded from this site. Worksite team captains at designated worksites can also record and track team member weights on the website.


Please call Greater Fall River Re-Creation at 508-679-0922.



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