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Fitness Challenge Membership Benefits

Participants will be issued a Fitness Challenge Key Tag that will allow them to gain access to the following programs:

  1. There will be TWO FREE challenges per week,  Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Please refer to the Challenge Booklet for more information. There will also be a FREE challenge once a month at a guest gym. In order to participate in these challenges, you MUST BRING you Fitness Challenge Key Tag.

  2. There will be Fitness Coaches at each Challenge to serve as a leader for the Challenge and to offer words of encouragement.

  3. Your Fitness Challenge Key Tag will help you receive discounts at the following fitness centers: All Generations Fitness, Greater Fall River RE-CREATION, General Fitness, Fall River YMCA, Fitworks, and TKO Fitness.

  4. You will receive a raffle ticket each time you officially weigh-in for the Fitness Challenge. This unique ticket can be saved for the Fitness Challenge Finale on May 6, 2016 for a Chinese Auction that will consist of gift certificates, fitness equipment and more!

  5. Your Key Tag will get you access to FREE nutrition opportunities throughout the Challenge, including cooking demonstrations, nutrition classes, and more!

  6. Each FREE CHALLENGE you attend will have a fitness prize that is given away to a participant. Everyone in attendance is eligible to win!


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