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2017 Fitness Challenge
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* For more information, please contact each location

Walking Group at Kuss Middle School 
52 Globe Mills Avenue, Fall River, MA
Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 9:00 a.m.
Call 508-679-0922 for information

Outdoor Fitness Opportunities

For outdoor walking opportunities, go to www.WalkFallRiver.org

In addition to all of the indoor exercise opportunities this winter, there area number of outdoor fitness opportunities, including hikes and biking events, offered on weekends through the Trustees of Reservations and Green Futures.  

The Fall River Bicycle Committee also holds a variety of biking events throughout the year for bikers of different abilities. Check out this low cost opportunity to get in or stay in shape!

And, you can get unlimited exercise at no cost using any of the ten walking routes located throughout the City!

Click here for a Walking Route Brochure


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First 2013 Challenge Event
First Challenge Event

2013 Fitness Challenge Health Fair
Challenge Health Fair

2013 Challenge Announcement
Challenge Announcement

2013 Mayor's Fitness Challenge
Challenge Announcement

2013 Challenge Warm-up Sign-up
Warm-up Sign-up video

2012 Fitness Challenge Finale
Challenge Finale video