Based on information in a Boston Globe article, Partners Executive Director Dr. David Weed decided to take a trip to Brockton on March 1, 2017 to learn more about a unique supermarket that operates next door to the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center on Pleasant Street. "Given our interest in developing collaborations between health providers and grocery stores in our 1422 project, I thought this would be a good chance to learn from folks who've been doing this for several years," noted Weed. Dr. Weed was met by the Vicente's Supermarket Director of Team Development, Wanda Stewart, who described the operation of the store, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the large ethnic population in the neighborhood. The store also makes use of large emojis on the aisle floors designed to encourage shoppers to head to the produce section, an idea developed by Professor Collin Payne at the New Mexico State University 's Consumer Behavior Lab. "It appears to be helping to increase sales of fruits and vegetables," stated Stewart. Dr. Weed then went next door and spoke with Neighborhood Health Center Nutritionist Mary Lynch and Development and Communication Specialist Julie Williams. There he learned how the Health Center provides shared diabetes medical appointments in a teaching kitchen at the front of the Center and how patients are taught what to purchase in the market as well as how to prepare healthier foods.

Click here for a one-minute video of the store visit. 

(Top row) Vicente's Supermarket Director of Team Development, Wanda Stewart, greeted Dr. Weed and answered questions about the operation. (Row two) A large variety of foods that appeal to various ethnic groups in the neighborhood are on display. (Row three) Large emojis with words in local languages are pointed on the aisle floors are designed to encourage shoppers to head to the produce section,point shoppers to the produce section. (Row three) The produce section includes a huge selection of yams, rice and other tropical items familiar to the shoppers. (Bottom row) The Neighborhood Health Center adjoins the Supermarket and provides a cooking demonstration kitchen used by Center staff members __________________, Julie Williams and Mary Lynch.

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