Over thirty students from B.M.C. Durfee High School and Bishop Connelly High School and a number of adult leaders attended the fourth of five sessions that are being provided to various groups of youth around the city to learn how to confront discrimination and prejudice in their own lives and the lives of their fellow students. Held on March 22, 2017 at the Fall River Boys and Girls Club the goal of the meeting was for everyone to understand the connection between oppression and violence, understand the significance of empathy in healthy community relations, understand how insensitive rhetoric can create tension in community relations, recognize the role of privilege and how to use privilege to be an anti-oppression ally. The training is a project of United Neighbors of Fall River and Partners and was led by Social Capital Inc. AmeriCorps Jay Wong. Click here for photos of another Confronting Discrimination training group held at the Boys and Girls Club  For more information, contact Jay Wong at 508-324-7900. 

(Top row, left) Font row: left to right, Bianca Sousa, Raymond Costa, Beatriza Desousa, and Jennifer Saulnier; First back row, right to left: Sumaiyea Uddin of Durfee High, Mariel Meija of Morton Middle, Marcia Picard, Susan Phenix; Second back row right to left: Tom Khoury, Eric Andrade, Julie Kelly, Amy Blanchette, and Sean Connell. (Top row, center) Speaker Nwando Ofokansi, Educational Program Coordinator for the Katie Brown Educational Program, gives her presentation on Community Relations and Allyship.. (Top row, right) Left to right starting from the back: Robert Say, Ashlee Stockham, Tanimara Roark, Kayla Soderstrom, Ricky Davilla, Kiara Guedes, Jameel Thigpen, Solmari Henriquez, Jose Garcia, and Alexis Crocker. (Middle row, left) Left to right: Karen Villegas, Da'Nasia Norwood, Gina Rodriguez, Zenia Pina, Beatriz Desousa, and Jennifer Saulnier. (Middle row, right) Right to left: Bianca Sousa, Mr Raymond Costa, Ashlee Stockham, Julie Kelly, Kayla Soderstrom, Ricky Davilla, Kiara Guedes, Jameel Thigpen. (Bottom row, center) Right to left: Eric Andrade, Tom Khoury, Susan Phenix, and Marcia Picard.

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