Partners Executive Director Dr. David Weed offered a chance for participants in a ten-week series on "How to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry" as part of  the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge to give feedback on the benefits of lowering dietary carbohydrates and increasing fats. The series was offered to Challenge participants who are attempting to lose weight in the Challenge through exercise, though research is clear that exercise is not a good for long-term weight loss. Low carbohydrate, high fat diets, on the other hand, have repeatedly been  demonstrated to lead to significant weight loss, especially when compared to low-fat, calorie-restricted approaches. In this session, Dr. Weed hears that participants lost 8-10 pounds, were taken off medication, and saw significant reductions in cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all while experiencing no hunger. The group reported that the difficulties with the diet come from others expecting them to avoid fat and eat more carbohydrates, even though they were doing great on the diet. Click here for a 29-minute video of some of the discussion. Click here for the presentation that Dr. Weed gave in the previous week and here for all of his presentations on the topic. For more information, contact Dr. Weed at 508-837-9029. (Photos by Marcia Picard)

(Top row) Participants look over articles and low-carb recipes before Dr. Weed begins the discussion. (Rows two and three) Dr. Weed asks participants to share their expiences with the diet over the previous ten weeks and records both the successes and the challenges they experienced.. (Rows four and five) The group participants share some ideas for dealing with the challenges of living in a "high carb world" such as at office parties and other celebrations with cakes and other sweets when away from home.. . 

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