Partners Executive Director Dr. David Weed and Southcoast Health Registered Dietitian Amanda Raposo presented another session in the series on "How to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry" as part of  the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge. The series is offered to Challenge participants who are attempting to lose weight in the Challenge through exercise, though research is clear that exercise is not a good for long-term weight loss. Low carbohydrate, high fat diets, on the other hand, have repeatedly been  demonstrated to lead to significant weight loss, especially when compared to low-fat, calorie-restricted approaches. In this session, Dr. Weed and Ms. Raposo talk  about how fruit, and especially avocados, fit into a low-carb, high-fat diet, by explaining how fat storage works. Click here for a 48-minute video of the presentation. Click here for the presentation that Dr. Weed gave in the previous week and here for all of his and others' presentations on the topic. For more information, contact Dr. Weed at 508-837-9029. (Photos by Marcia Picard)

(Top row) Dr. Weed introduces the session on fruit by talking about fructose, the kind of sugar that is in fruit, and by describing the amounts of carbohydrates found in various kinds of fruit. (Row two) Southcoast Health Registered Dietitian Amanda Raposo and her son, Jack, join Dr. Weed as he continues the presentation. (Row three) After talking about how fruit has been hybridized to yield more sugar, as described in the two-hour PBS documentary "The Botany of Desire", Dr. Weed goes on to describe how avocados have evolved into one of the best fruits for a low-carb, high fat diet. (Row four) Ms. Raposo explains why our brain's need for carbohydrates can easily be supplied by the conversion of protein into glucose, so carbohydrates are not a necessary dietary component even those we get plenty even on a low-carb diet. (Bottom row) After learning of the benefits of avocados, the group gets to sample some guacamole served with cheese crisps that you can make in your oven or in your microwave..,  

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