A large crew of volunteers and employees from the Lowe's store in Dartmouth descended on the Seventh Street Community Garden on May 19, 2016 at the invitation of State Representative Carole Fiola to complete substantial construction for the new facility. Bank Street Neighborhood Association President Natalie Melo welcomed the group and thanked them for their labor and contribution of over $2,500 in materials, including construction of a tool shed and raised beds, including an area for wheelchair access. "This is a perfect example for the community to look at all of the agencies, both governmental and volunteer, and private corporations that have come together because of the vision that you had," stated Fiola. Greater Fall River Re-Creation Executive Director Grace Gerling thanked both her own Youth Outreach Team and YouthBuild Fall River for their efforts in preparing the space which has been turned over by the City to Greater Fall River Re-Creation to be operated by the Bank Street, Niagara and Father Kelly Neighborhood Associations. Click here for a 15-minute   video of the event. For more information, contact Natalie Melo at 508-916-8596 or Grace Gerling at 508-679-0922.

(Top row) Greater Fall River Re-Creation Youth Outreach Program Director Chris Nardi, left, Dave Melo and Odete Costa, center, and Natalie Melo, Marlene McCarty and State Representative Carole Fiola, right, gather for a press event. (Row two) Dartmouth Lowe's employees Kelly Coprreia, David Oliveira and Richie Cidade work on preparing the area for paving stones while prior to the news event. (Row three) Lowe's employee Coreen Couto assembles one of the raised beds that will hold new plantings while Don Correia, Jason Almeida and Dylan St. Pierre assemble structural parts for the tool shed. (Bottom row) Lowe's employees assemble the tool shed on the base constructed earlier by Century Paving and Construction..

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