Participants in the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge and the Fall River Parent Academy who attended the sixth presentation in the weekly series, "How to Lose Weight Without Going Hungry" on February 20, 2016 heard Katie-Beth Wright demonstrate how to prepare avocados, one of the best fruits for anyone following a low-carb diet. Based on the approach to reducing obesity by reducing dietary carbohydrates and increasing fat, Dr. Weed went on to describes how fats are part of a healthy diet that will lead to weight loss. Click here for a 38-minute video of the presentation, here for Dr. Weed's PowerPoint slides, and here for Dr, Weed's 48-minute introductory video.  Click here for for his previous presentation that included a portion of a 20-minute video, Fed Up on the Southcoast, that outlines the health problems association with diets that are high in carbohydrates. Click here for the presentation on grains and here for the one on fats and oils.  For more information,  contact Dr. Weed directly at 508-837-9029. . 

(Top row) Participants pick up material that explains the research behind low-carb diets that not only reduce weight more effectively than low-fat diets but also help reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes and pre-diabetes before Katie shows people how to prepare avocados. (Row two) Participants watch as Katie prepares guacamole using avocados, tomatoes, scallions and lime juice. (Rows three and four) After everyone has had a chance to sample the guacamole, Dr. Weed talked about the nutritional benefits of avocados while Katie talked about the multiple ways avocados can be prepared.

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