The thirteenth week of the Ninth Annual Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge  brought forty-three Challenge participants to the Letourneau Elementary School gymnasium on April 9, 2016 for a work-out with Fitness Leaders Shaun Keith Gadbois-Pacheco, Andre Gadbois and Christine Franco of All Generations Fitness who led the group in an hour of cardio exercises. Following the Challenge, participants were invited to join a low-carb nutrition group run by Partners Executive Director Dr. David Weed. Sponsored by Greater Fall River Re-creation, Partners for a Healthier Community, Saint Anne's Hospital, Southcoast Hospitals, the Challenge includes programs provided by All Generations Fitness, the Diabetes Association, Inc., Fitness Fusion, FitWorks On-line, General Fitness. Greater Fall River Re-creation, TKO Fitness, and the Fall River YMCA. The Challenge offers low cost opportunities for those who live, work or attend school in the Greater Fall River Area. Click here for a 17-minute video of the event. Click here for photos of the previous week's Challenge event and here for video of all of the low-carb sessions with Dr. David Weed. Call CD-REC at 508-679-0922 for more information or go to

(Top two rows) Shaun Keith Gadbois-Pacheco of All Generations Fitness gets the group warmed up with some running in place. (Row three) Shaun and Andre Gadbois keep the group moving for a full hour. (Rows four and five) Andre gives the group some encouragement by joining them before Shaun gets them on the floor for some more moves. (Bottom row) Partners Fitness Challenge Organizer Annemarie Holly passes out door prize tickets and then calls the winning number which first year Challenge participant Cheryl Costa had, entitling her to a free Challenge Finale ticket and some hand weights. 

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