The final AHA! Fall River event of the year, "Starry Night", held on December 15, 2016, featured a marketplace with an array of crafters, free gift wrapping, local artists, musical performances and over forty different events. The Government Center lobby was decorated with trees from the Festival of Trees, including one by Mass in Motion Fall River Coordinator Julie Kelly featuring ornaments depicting people on bicycles, skates, skis and other alternatives to automobiles. AHA! Fall River was formed in June 2013 in collaboration with the New Bedford AHA! and the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts. AHA! stands for arts, history and architecture. The organization held its first event on June 21, 2013 and has held eleven events since then. The purpose of the organization is to develop collaborative relationships in order to expand and sustain arts and cultural programming in the two cities. Click here for a five-minute video of the event. Click here for Marc Munroe Dion's reading of the John McAvoy "Christmas Remembrance" story. Click here for the Herald News photos. Click here for photos of the October event. For more information, contact Sandy Dennis at 508-646-3621.

(Top row, left and right) After seven-year-old Ariana Cousineau spots Santa Claus talking with Mrs. Claus she gets a hug from him. (Top row, center) The Mass in Motion Fall River tree includes ornaments depicting people on bicycles, skates, skis and other alternatives to automobiles. (Row two) Herald News Reporter Marc Munroe Dion gets ready to read "Christmas Remembrance" written by John McAvoy in 1983 as Fall River City Counselor Richard Cabeceiras poses for a photo with Casey Miranda of Casey's Fun Faces. (Row three, left) Andrew Sisti talks with George McAndrew at his display of elastic bands while is wife, Nancy Sisti, sells scarves to Mass in Motion Fall River Coordinator Julie Kelly behind him. (Row three, center) AHA! Fall River organizers Sandy and Dave Dennis pose for a photo with Santa. (Row three, right) Maureen Mullaley of Inside My Cranium sells re-purposed guitar string jewelry. (Row four, left) Nancy Durfee works with Niyah Boone and her sister, Laisha, on making a sailboat at the Home Depot table. (Row four, center and right) Pierrette Dupre of Sew Crafty and Barbara Peters pose for a photo while Amy Nickerson and Kathy Berube Kroger work on wrapping and decorations provided by Lafayette-Durfee House. (Bottom row) Lisa Bundy of the Wicked Candle Emporium sells scented candles while The Blues Crew from Tiverton performs and Sarah Araujo watches a drone flying above the Business Innovation Center table.

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