The third week of the Eighth Annual Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge  brought dozens of participants to Re-Creation on January 28th for an evening bonus session at the Fall River YMCA and to Greater Fall River Re-creation for a Saturday morning session on January 31, 2015. Half of the participants were led through eight different fitness stations by Fitness Fusion leader Greg Medeiros while Mindy Davis led the other half on some sixty-second walk and 90-second jogs around the perimeter of the gym. Those sessions were followed by a nutrition session led by Southcoast Health Registered Dietitian Amanda Raposo. The Challenge is sponsored by Greater Fall River Re-creation, Partners for a Healthier Community, Saint Anne's Hospital, and Southcoast Health, and offers low cost fitness opportunities for those who live, work or attend school in the Greater Fall River Area programs provided by All Generations Fitness, Fitness Fusion, FitWorks, General Fitness, TKO Fitness, and the Fall River YMCA. Click here for a 14-minute video of the Saturday event. Click here for photos of the second week's Saturday Challenge at General Fitness. Call CD-REC at 508-679-0922 to learn about extended registration or for more information or go to

(Top row) Tara Greenburg and her mother, Terry, left, start the session by walking around the gym before Fitness Fusion leader Greg Medeiros directs half of the group to the center of the gym to participate in eight different fitness stations. (Row two) Lisa Garand, left, jumps high while doing some burpees while Tisha Duarte, right, does leg lifts at another station. (Row three) Greg Medeiros times Donna Manchester and Coral Petra, left, on leg lifts, encourages Luisa Tavares, center, on hand weights, and and monitors the group doing sit-ups. (Row four) First time Challenge participant Sunny Biello swings a kettle weight while Linda Mae Pittsley gets instruction on the medicine ball from Jessica Tavares, and Joe Pacheco, right, swings his own kettle weight. (Bottom row) Greg Medeiros counts down the last few seconds of the workout before participants engage in a stretching cool-down and Jessica Grazulis, right, gives Sunny the door prize bottle and fitness mat she won at the end of the session..

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