The Eighth Annual Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge kicked-off on January 10, 2015 at the Kuss Middle School with over 300 people attending and over 200 weighing-in for the 16-week series that offered participants information from representatives of more than twenty local organizations. Sponsored by Greater Fall River Re-creation, Partners for a Healthier Community, Saint Anne's Hospital, Southcoast Hospitals, the event was organized with the participation of All Generations Fitness, Cat Studio, Fitness Fusion, FitWorks, General Fitness. Greater Fall River Re-creation, TKO Fitness, and the Fall River YMCA. The Challenge offers low cost opportunities for those who live, work or attend school in the Greater Fall River Area to get fit, lose weight, have fun and win prizes. "We're offering separate prizes for men and women this year," stated Coordinator Annemarie Holly who worked with over twenty-five staff and volunteers to set up the event. "And this year we're placing even more emphasis on nutrition with an event scheduled every week" she added. Registration is open through the end of January, and many people will register and weigh-in at their workplace in the coming weeks. Click here for an 11-minute video of the event. Click here for photos from last year. Call CD-REC at 508-679-0922 for more information or go to the Facebook page.

(Top row, left) Kate Michaud of Fitness Fusion signs people in at the registration desk at Kuss Middle School. (Top row, center) Brenda Viveiros of BMC Health Net Plan, right, hands out free bags and water bottles to participants. (Top row, right) Leonard and Linda Mae Pittsley look over items on the first of over twenty tables at the Fair. (Row two, left) Third-year Challenge participants Laurie Hubert and Amy Padilla wheel nine-month-old Xavier Padilla around the circle. (Row two, center) Registered Dietitian Amanda Raposo describes the weekly nutrition sessions that will be offered on Saturdays following each Challenge as members of Cat Studio talk about their program. (Row three) Demonstrations by All Generations Fitness, TKO Fitness and Fitness Fusion run throughout the two-hour session. (Row four, left) Partners School Wellness Coordinator Marcia Picard,talks with participants about the problem of sugar in the diet. (Row four, center) Tabitha Gendreau of FitWorks leads a demonstration while Southcoast Diabetes Management Program staff member Kathie Heaberlin talks with third year Challenge participant Christine Marci. (Row five) Fitness Fusion members demonstrate before watching the Cat Studio members demonstrate pole dancing. (Bottom row, left) General Fitness Owner Scott Fastino talks with FRG-TV Host Pamela Martin as the station broadcasts the entire event live. (Bottom row, center) Challenge participant Jenn Rodrigues has her blood sugar and cholesterol levels checked by Southcoast Health Wellness Van Medical Assistant Kelly Lima. (Bottom row, right) Michelle Cordeiro weights in second-time Challenge participant Michelle Miner.

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