A new Social Capital Inc. AmeriCorps Volunteer funded, through the United Way of Greater Fall River, and supported by Partners for a Healthier Community and United Neighbors of Fall River began is work in late September 2014. Micah Savitzky of Providence chose to work with the United Way, Partners and United Neighbors for a year to acquire experience in human services and to give back to the Greater Fall River community. As Food Justice Coordinator, he will divide his time among a number of food justice projects, including the Greater Fall River Food Pantry and associated organizations, the Plentiful Plates Program and working on a number of projects related to Partners 2014-2019 Action Plan including outreach to homeless families living in motels in Somerset and Swansea. On one of his first assignments, he assisted volunteers at the First Baptist Church with packing and distributing food at the Tuesday Food Pantry distribution. Click here for a brief video introduction. Click here for an introduction to SCI Americorps Volunteer Sophie Fierst. For more information, contact Micah Savitzky at 508-673-8361, Ext. 204.

(Top row) SCI Americorps Volunteer Micah Savitzky takes minutes at a recent meeting at United Neighbors of Fall River for people working working on addressing the needs of homeless families living in nearby motels, including former SCI Volunteer Brian Moses who is now working part-time for Partners. (Row two) Micah works from an office provided by the United Way at their North Main Street headquarters. (Row three) Boomer Gibbons helps to get food ready for people lined up at the Pine Street entrance to First Baptist Church for the twice-weekly food distribution. (Bottom row) Micah talks with People Incorporated Job Coach Andrew Macid, left, and SEMACNA Colunteer Jenifer Hurd at the Church. 

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