The Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge held its seventh Finale at the Eagle Performing Arts Center on May 16, 2014 celebrating the conclusion of the four-month series that began on January 11th with over 800 enrollees. Partners Health and Wellness Coordinator Annemarie Holly thanked the participating organizations, including All Generations Fitness, Fitness Fusion, FitWorks, General Fitness. Greater Fall River Re-creation, Striking Beauties, TKO Fitness, the Fall River YMCA and Wiggle Kids. School participants were honored by Partners School Wellness Coordinator Marcia Picard for involving over 7,200 children in special fitness activities this year. Team winners included Spedtacular in 3rd place, Fitness Queens in 2nd place and Family Steps in first place. Individual winners included Susan Botelho in 3rd place, Robin Noverca in 2nd Place, and Joshua Hutchinson in first place. Altogether, 2,351 pounds. were lost by all of the participants. Click here to see the video of the event. Click here for photos of last year's finale. For more information, contact Challenge Coordinator Annemarie Holly at 508-679-0922.

(Top row) Tabitha Gendreau and Sandy Viveiros of Fitworks, Amy Delgiacco and M.J.Alfano, of Fitness Fusion and Challenge participants Gail Sowersby and her mother, Pat Medeiros, pose for photos before the event begins. (Row two) People help themselves to the food provided by Amos House before the program begins. (Row three) Challenge Coordinators Annemarie Holly and Brittany Bertone begin the program by introducing a video retrospective of this year's series and then Marcia Picard, who is joined by Nicky D'Abrosca to recognize the school participants. (Row four, left) Ms. Picard awards first place to Michelle Oehmen of Stone Therapeutic Day School, 2nd place to Theresa Mahjoory and Jason Springer at the Silvia Elementary School, and 3rd place to Jo-Ellen Murgo, Hannah Eccles and Michael Johnson at Somerset Middle School. (Row four, center) Tabitha Gendreau of FitWorks congratulates Lorraine St. Pierre of All Generations Fitness as Greg Medeiros of Fitness Fusion looks at his award. (Row four, right) Annemarie reveals the total weight loss among the Challenge participants for this year. (Bottom row, left) The eight finalists for individual weight loss are introduced individually before the top three are announced (Bottom row, center) Annemarie congratulates Robin Noverca in 2nd Place, Joshua Hutchinson in first place and Susan Botelho in third place before the first place team, Family Steps, poses for a photo.

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