All Generations Fitness Instructors Susan Eldridge and Nicole Aftsomer led participants in the the twenty-second Fitness Challenge of the 2014 season through an hour of kicks, punches, deep knee bends and leg lifts before gathering the group for a circle exercise in passing a medicine ball. "I always like the creative program that All Generations comes up with," commented Partners Challenge Manager Brittany Bertone. The Challenge is sponsored by Partners  along with Greater Fall River Re-creation, Saint Anne's Hospital, and Southcoast Hospitals. The Challenge includes programs provided by All Generations Fitness, the Diabetes Association, Inc., Fitness Fusion, FitWorks, General Fitness. Greater Fall River Re-creation, Striking Beauties, TKO Fitness, Wiggle Kids, and the Fall River YMCA. The Challenge offers low cost opportunities for those who live, work or attend school in the Greater Fall River Area. Click here for a  nine-and-a-half-minute video of the event. Click here for photos of the seventeenth event. Call Annemarie Holly at 508-679-0922 for more information or go to


(Top two rows) All Generations Fitness Instructor Susan Eldridge gets the group warmed up before leading them to some exercises on their backs. ((Row three) All Generations Fitness Instructor Nicole Aftsomer keeps the group moving. (Row four, center and right) Melanie Crowley and her daughter, Shelbi, join a large group circle with her mother, Sharon Amaral, as Susan instructs the group on passing a medicine ball around. (Rows five and six) Nicole cheers the group on as they pass the ball before Monica Correia and Carole Quigley finish the hour with some stretches before Brittany Bertone draws the raffle prize winner.

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