The William S. Greene Elementary School hosted a Family Fun Night on January 30, 2013 to engage both students and their parents in some healthy fun while learning about nutrition and a range of community resources that they can access to maintain or improve their health. Over 300 participants were offered a talk about food by Southcoast Hospitals dietitian Amanda Raposo, a workout to music by Diman Regional School teacher Suzanne Ramos and her husband, Mike, and the chance to speak with representatives of agencies including BMC HealthNet, BOLD; Child and Family Services; Children's Advocacy Center; Family Service Association; Fall River Mass In Motion; Fall River Police, Girl Scouts, HealthFirst Dental Program; Katie Brown Educational Program,, Partners for a Healthier Community Farmers' Markets, Fitness Challenge and Soda-free Pledge, People Incorporated; Re-Creation, Saint Anne's Hospital; Southcoast Hospitals' Cardiovascular Prevention Program, and Time Exchange. Click here for photos of the Fun Night at the Talbot Middle School. For more information, contact School Wellness Coordinator Marcia Picard at 774-319-0107. (Photos courtesy of Brittany Bertone)


(Top row, left) Bob Bailey, left, talks about the Time Exchange program.  (Top row, center) Ayanalise and Alexa Gonzalez pose for a picture with Ivan Ilson, right, while his mother watches from behind. (Top row, right) Fall River Police Officer Matt Silvia poses for a photo in front of one of the community policing patrol bikes. (Middle row, left and center) Students join teachers Lisa Faria and Heather Smith as they get ready for a fitness workout in the gym. (Middle row, right) Dietitian Amanda Raposo of the Southcoast Hospitals Cardiovascular Prevention Program talks to families about "portion distortion" in fast foods. (Bottom row, left) Girl Scout representative Pamela McGinn talks with a family. (Bottom row, center) Fall River Mass In Motion Coordinator Julie Kelly stands aside as John and Jessica Ripelle and their daughter, Cassidy, pose for a photo. 

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