Members of the BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-free) Coalition Teens Against Drug Abuse (TADA) witnessed the passage of an amendment to the current tobacco sales ordinance that would restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to teens, increase the fines for sales to minors and prohibit tobacco sales in educational settings and pharmacies by the Fall River City Council on March 22, 2011 on the second reading. The ordinance will go into effect in about 20 days following the Mayor's signature. Members of TADA promoted the measure with the Board of Health, the Council Ordinance Committee and a first reading on March 8th. Tobacco Control Coordinator Marilyn Edge, Mass Municipal Association representative D.J. Wilson, and assistant city corporation counsel Elizabeth Pereira all provided expert testimony in support its passage. Following a final citizens' input period, the measure passed 5-4, with Councilors Bigelow, Kilby, Lund, Mitchell, and Poulin voting in favor. Click here for the Herald News story. Click here for the video. For more information about TADA, contact SSTAR Youth Coordinator Mike Aguiar at 508-324-3598. 

(Top row, left) Teens Against Drug Abuse (TADA) members with with SSTAR Director of Youth Services Michael Aguiar prior to the second reading of the ordinance by the City Council. (Top row, center) Mass Municipal Association representative D.J. Wilson is introduced to Fall River Board of Health chairman Tom Cory by Tobacco Control Coordinator Marilyn Edge. (Top row, right) City Councilor Pat Casey leads off the discussion by reiterating her objections to the proposed ordinance. (Middle row, left and right) City Council chairman Michael Lund, who voted in favor of the measure, calls upon City Councilors Leo Pelletier and Linda Pereira each of whom spoke against adoption of the ordinance. (Middle row, center) TADA chairman Markus Watson urges passage of the ordinance. (Bottom row, center) Following a 5-4 vote favoring passage, Fall River Herald News reporter Michael Holtzman interviews Marilyn Edge and Markus Watson. (Bottom row, right) TADA members gather in the Government Center Lobby to celebrate passage of the ordinance and the role that they played in influencing City government as was originally envisioned in the Youth Bill Of Rights.

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