Hundreds of Fall River’s low-income seniors took advantage of the Farmers Market Coupon distribution held at three Council On Aging Senior Centers on July 29, 2010. Coupon distribution  took place at the Flint Senior Center, the Niagara-Maplewood Senior Center, and the South Main Senior Center. Each senior received $30 in coupons redeemable for fresh produce from participating, certified farmers at the Kennedy Park, Ruggles Park and Old Second Street Farmers Markets, as well as other markets around the state. The Coupon Program for Elders is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. The coupons were made available to elders at least 60 years of age, who have limited income, through Bristol Elder Services, Inc. The goals of the program are to encourage recipients to eat more locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, to promote more overall consumption of fresh produce, and to promote Massachusetts agriculture. Click here for the Herald News article about the event. Click here for photos of last year's coupon distribution. For more information, contact Pauline Gousie at the Council on Aging at 508-324-2401.

(Top row, left) Lou Bouchard and George Melanson join over a hundred other seniors as they wait for their number to be called at the Niagara-Maplewood Senior Center. (Top row, center and right) Karen Cote of Bristol Elder Services, Inc processes applications for the coupons for Jeanne Roderigues, right, as Arthur Machado and Germain Bishal have their application reviewed. (Middle row, left) Arlene Melo and Josephine Rocha stand in line at the South Main Senior Center as volunteer Robert Maynard assists. (Middle row, center and right) Dorothy Pacheco fills our her application as Beatrice Manchester watches before Council on Aging Assistant Director Pauline Gousie reviews it. (Bottom row, left) WIC Program staff member Lisa Alves show Mayor Will Flanagan and Neighborhood Coordinator Perry Long one of the SFMNP signs that will be displayed by farmers who participate in the program. (Bottom row, center) Gloria Mirea and Agueda Neves look over the produce at Maria Cabral's stand from Silva's farm in Swansea. (Bottom row, right) Robin Wilson and John Barboza of Dighton display their sign at their stand at the Second Street Farmers' Market.

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