The Fall River YouthBuild program held its fourth "mental toughness" exercise at its Bank Street facility between September 28th through October 9th, 2009. Fifty-two applicants met daily at the program's Bank Street headquarters to see if they could meet the requirements for the ten-month construction skills training curriculum for men and women ages 17-24 who have not completed high school run by the Old Colony YMCA that has been in operation in Fall River since August of 2006. Director Terry Moran and other members of the YouthBuild staff put candidates through a series of exercises designed to find the best 32 candidates for this year's program. An exercise held on the third day of the series involved dividing into four teams each of which was required to plan and build their own model city out of cardboard following realistic rules regarding building permits, fines, fees and other challenges. Click here to see photos of last spring's graduation. Click here, here, here, and here to read more about the program. For more information, contact Director Terry Moran at 508-678-1975.

(Top row, left) Michael Savareth, Ryan Medeiros, John dePina, David Moniz and Jared Campbell work on plans for one of the four "cities" that each team had to construct following strict rules and challenges. (Top row, center) Jeremiah Cowart and Evelio Torres meet near the city's solid waste facility. (Top row, right) Tim Sanchez works out a financial deal with Phiroth Khourn. (Middle row, left) Staffer Harold Denfeld discusses a building permit application with Sam Cherere and D Kang. (Middle row, center) Youth Build director Terry Moran mans the permit application desk. (Middle row, right) Jared DeBarros demonstrates how he was handcuffed in the "jail" where rule-breakers were sent. (Bottom row, left) Lenny Starcher labels one of the buildings in his city. (Bottom row, center) Tim Sanchez talks with staff member Tara Corbett about the high school he is building in "Mint City". (Bottom row, right) Jared DeBarros, Bobby Ferreira and Evelio Torres negotiates for a piece of property just before the exercise ends with a discussion to process what took place. 

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