Teams of young people from nine Fall River neighborhoods gathered at the B.M.C.Durfee High School field to compete in a Summer Olympic style competition on August 25, 2009. Children who have been participating in the summer lunch in the park program run by Community Development Re-creation worked with CD-REC staff to prepare for the competition. Teams from North Park, Lafayette Park, Maplewood Park, Griffin Park, Father Diaferio Village, Abbott Court, Pulaski Park, Kennedy Park and Ruggles Park competed along with a team from the YMCA. Each team had their own team names and shirts and competed for medals in each event. Click here for pictures from last year's Olympic event. For more information about the programs, contact CD-REC at 508-679-0922.

(Row one, left) Volunteer Jason Springer, Healthy Lives coordinator Mike Ramos, CD-REC staff member Michaela Ferreira, and singer Matthew Andre go over last-minute details for the event. (Row one, center) CD-REC after-school coordinator Ashley Rego hands out fresh orange slices to participants. (Row one, right) Dennis Guinen, 9, puts his arm around his arm around his younger brother Benjamin as William Perinho-Brown looks on. (Row two, center) CD-REC staff member Giulia Corey listens as a team member cheers on the members of her tug-of-war teams. (Row three, left and right) CD-REC staff compete in a sack race. (Row three, center) Bryan Rodgers, Jayden Quinto and Matt Amaral start out in the sack race. (Row four, left) Jordan Freitas, Isaias Figueroa, Joseph Hernandez, Simba Som-Has and Jeremy Hernandez pull hard in one of the tug-of-war competitions. (Row four, center) Michaela Silva competes in the jump rope contest. (Row four, right) Mike Ramos cheers on CD-REC staffer Kate Masoud and members of her team. (Row five, left) Chris Rondon crosses the finish line just after Jaydon Quinto in the thirty-yard-dash. (Row five, center) Jayden Quinto races against Simba Som-Has in the sack race. (Row five, right) CD-REC Program Coordinator Jamison Souza and Healthy Lives coordinator Mike Ramos assist Audrey across the finish line. (Row six, left) Kiaoa Son-Has accepts her second medal for the day. (Row six, center) Jeremy Hernandez, Bryan Rodgers, Joseph Hernandez, Bryan Rodgers, Jordan Freitas, Simba Som-Has, Jayden Quinto, Kiaoa Son-Has and Angel Luciano pose. (Row six, right) T.J. Furtado and Dylan Bento pose with their newly-acquired medals.

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