Students from Bishop Connolly High School and members Teens Against Drug Abuse (TADA) visited four Fall River liquor stores on December 13, 2008, to place "Hey You!" stickers on multi-packs of beer, wine coolers and other alcohol products that appeal to underage drinkers. The target of the stickers is adults over the age of 21 who purchase alcohol products, sometimes at the request of underage youth. Purchase of alcohol for minors is illegal but rarely results in arrest or fines. The sticker campaign is a project of the Fall River Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA) project, part of the B.O.L.D. Coalition. Students also placed stickers on packages at Douglas Wine and Spirits at 340 Rhode Island Avenue, South End Liquors at 1751 South Main Street, and Peoples Super Warehouse at 1702 President Avenue. The project was timed to correspond with the holiday season when students may plan parties and are out of school during vacation. For more information about TADA, contact SSTAR Youth Coordinator Mike Aguiar at 508-324-3598. Click here for a tobacco project organized by TADA earlier in the year.

(Top row, left) Chris Parayno talks with store manager Dao Nguyen before the group begins placing stickers on packages. Students are not permitted by law to move any of the packages, so stickers are placed only on those that are visible. (Top row, right) Katie Tighe looks for a good place to affix stickers on "Party Packs" of Smirnoff vodka. (Middle row, left) Fall River police officer and school resource officer James Riley oversees students Brittani Almeida and Sarah Moniz as they work in the storage room. (Middle row, right) Second cousins Jeffrey Cabeceiras and Madison Khoury work together on a stack of beer cases. (Bottom row, left) Peter Le and Joseph Almeida in the background, work in the store room. (Bottom row, center) Chris Parayno and Russ Dexter work on hundreds of stacks in the store. (Bottom row, right) Store employee Tony Borges, whose brother Joe once worked as the City's Tobacco Control Coordinator, works alongside SSTAR Youth Coordinator Mike Aguiar who organized the sticker project.

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