Community Development Re-creation organized tennis classes for over 100 children over the summer of 2007 at Bi-centennial Park on the City's north end. Organized by Somerset High School girls' tennis coach Peter Holt, the program was funded by a USTA New England grant. The program was open to children aged 6 to 13 for a minimal fee. Classes were held for three weeks Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to Noon and emphasize skill development. Many of the participants were back for their third year of lessons. Another camp, held in July, had over 60 participants. Click here for photos of a Fall River Community Tennis Association (CTA) tournament. Click here for photos of adult classes sponsored by the CTA.  Other CTA programs, including a tennis block party and a tennis demonstration, were held during the summer of 2006. For more information, contact CD-REC at 508-679-0522 or Program Director Grace Gerling. For more information about the Community Tennis Association, contact CTA president Jeff Chace at 508-801-5761.

(Top row, left) Sisters Alissa and Rebecca Desrosiers and Medora LaPlante, all of Fall River, do some pre-lesson warm-ups. (Top row, center) David Salonis, Emily Riveira and  Sammy Missilvine of the Citizens for Citizens after-school childcare program wait their turn while Ianna Harvey returns a volley. (Top row, right) Kendra Burton of Somerset, right, reaches for her toes along with the others during a warm-up exercise. (Middle row, left) Chris Boyd returns a volley while Jordan Maitoza and Paul Ferreira watch. (Middle row, center) Seven-year-old David Monteiro of Fall River returns one over the net. (Middle row, right) Eight-year-old Corinne Morhy of Berkley watches as her brother Adam, 6, picks up a return. (Bottom row, left)  Jordan Maitoza keeps his eye on the ball. (Bottom row, center) Corinne Morhy returns a volley while coaches Megan Cote and Ben Holt look on. (Bottom row, right) Instructor Thomas Gagne of Somerset crosses the net while his class awaits his instructions.

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